Art can change the vision

Art can change the vision

When we talk about the term 'art', it looks like a vast subject in general. But it's not far from the truth that only a handful of people can create artwork that inspires others to do the same. And it's also not true that only a literate group of people can better understand and question the somebody's creation that we call art can literally be a painting, sculpture, wood work or anything at all.

In Five days workshop, our primary concern was to reduce the gap between these young students and Art. Rather then just defining and talking about what 'Art' really is. We enrolled these young innovative minds to explore and redefine what art really is for them. Cause art doesn't stick to a particular principle or Rules but instead it expands and stretches our generation and touches the sentiments of Human Beings all over the world. and that's the beauty of art in various forms.

We had several sessions where we took the students through the visual journey of art, what they have created and also what others have innovated at the sametime, leading to the discussion about various techniques in art, visual sense and as a whole their reaction to the artwork that lay in front of their eyes. This will help them to boost their critical thinking and be more researchable on the work.

I believe "art raise the questions. if there is a question. it leads you in search of an answer" In the workshop we let the students observe the different subjects and study them carefully. it will help them to look at the ' Art Form' from different dimension.

Nepal is The beautiful place. We are surrounded by beauty, we have good history of art and collection of heritage. But because of lack of art education, our heritage and culture is declining or there is a big distance between art and its significance in society. In a short period of time we had the chance to show them the few magnificent artwork from the great pioneers from Nepal. We looked at Aaraniko's painting and Architectures, Balkrishna Sama's work on Ranas. and the beautiful watercolor works from Ramananda Joshi, which is not only inspiring to students but at the meantime shows how art evolved here as a historical landmark and art education on the regard.

Apart from this, art also works as a Therapy to the Differently-able people in the society such as people with Autism(specially kids in this matter) kids dealing with Down-syndrome and various other forms of Disabilities in kids and adults. With the Help of art or let's say using art as the tools of expression, they can express their feelings and emotions. At the same time it also refreshes their mind and gives their brain a mental exercise. In the final few days. I have discovered students being more aware and motivated, open minded and expressive which is a great advancement.

We exhibited the students work on the school hall, through which they learned the Techniques of Presentation and Exhibition. They also learnt to do mounting, Writing statement for their art work rather than just teaching them the skill sets.

Although we were there to motivate the students, their enthusiasm and their effort to create such a beautiful art inspired us to do a lot in the future. For instance, one of the student Santosh Budhathoki from class Six, he made an artwork based on the ' Child- Marriage' which is still prevalent in the remote areas, although now in small numbers, and also wrote a statement beautifully  "child marriage means getting a marriage in the young age between 20. Because of getting early age marriage women get many kids and get sufferings like mental torture and physical torture. The right time to get marriage is between age of 20 to thirty". It puts the light on the subject of what he made and gives us an understanding that he is aware of "Child-Marriage' under eighteen being a taboo and should be forbidden His understanding of such a critical issue is power of creativity.

(This art workshop was collaboratively organized by Ramechhap metrolopotion ward no. 1 and Gothgaun Sarokar samaj. workshop was held on the Shree chandeshawari higher secondary school. There were all together 29 student from class 4 to 9.)

Written by Binaya Humagain

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