Beautiful Sailung

Beautiful Sailung

Sailung is a famous Budhhist, Hindu and Bon pilgrimage site on the border of Ramechhap and Dolakha districts in Nepal. Sailung means one hundred small hills because there are one hundred smaller hills surrounding it, so the name is given Sailung. In the local Tamang language Sai means one hundred Lung means windy hill. It is 3145 meter above sea level and is a viewing point for the vast Himalayans range from Makalu to Dhaulagiri, offering, magnificent views of the eastern Himalayas.

Kumar Thokar Tamang
Kumar Thokar Tamang

The surrounding communities include several different ethnic groups such as the Tamang, Sherpa, Magar, Pahari, Newar, Bramahan, Kshetri, Thami peoples. Especially, the spectacular ridges are inhabited by the Tamang, an indigenous Buddhist community whose religion is a fusion of Buddhism and the shamanist Bon culture. It is common for a village to have a Lama and a Jhakri (Shaman). The area offers a combination of a rich cultural heritage, unsurpassed beauty and biological diversity.


Sailung has a unique environment and is exceptionally rich in bio-diversity which makes this region one of the finest cultural tourist destinations of Nepal. It is blessed with pristine nature, unspoiled culture and splendid scenes of the Himalayan range. Sailung is an unexplored trekking destination in Nepal. It is a less crowded easy hiking area and it has also an important part of the local indigenous trekking route which starts from Sindhupalchok (Mude) and goes through Deurali, Chaichhap, Dhunge, Kholakharka, Sailung, Daduwa, Doramba, Galpa, Sandidanda, Luvughat and ends at the BP highway at Nepalthok, Sindhuli district.

The Sailung Enlightenment Stupa Project

The Sailung Enlightenment Stupa Project was inaugurated in 2015 by His Eminence Tulku Losang Namgyal Rinpoche. Following this the local communities formed a planning committee to construct a stupa on the top of Sailung. The stupa design is based on the Stupa of Enlightenment and will be 53 feet in height. It is planned to be completed within the next two years.

The Sailung Regsum Gonpo Sewa Samaj 

The Sailung Regsum Gonpo Sewa Samaj was set up in 2015 to facilitate the planning and construction of the Enlightenment Stupa on Sailung. It is a local non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of local spiritual and cultural heritage sites, and the improved well-being of the local community. It wishes to promote tourism through raising awareness of the natural beauty of the area and its spiritual and cultural importance. 

The Importance of Stupas

Sailung is a very sacred place to the local communities and Nepal, where it is said Guru Rinpoche meditated. By constructing the stupa it will bring peace, prosperity and happiness to the surrounding area and the world. It is said that by participating in the construction of a stupa you will accumulate vast amounts of merit. Even by touching the stupa after its consecration you will be saved from being reborn in the lower realms and be liberated from samsara. 

We welcomed everyone to contribute to this great vision for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Photos: Kumar Thokar Tamang, Dawa Sangbu Sherpa, nepalexplores

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