"Exploration of innovative ideas for Delighted Nepal and Happy Nepalese"

"Exploration of innovative ideas for Delighted Nepal and Happy Nepalese"

student Art - workshop at Bhumeshwor School in GothGaun, Ramechap Municipality 1, State 3, Nepal

 Gothgaun Sarokar Samaj and filmshalatv Nepal

Bhumeshwor nomenclature from bhumethan existed near to the school. The sacred forest in the place Kirant peoples celebrate to perform the ritual twice in a year (5079 Chandi calendar).  The GothGaun Bhumeshwor School was established in 2015 B.S. The education was started with buckwheat, millet and maize floor donation of from the effected families (Founder).  

6 Day art training workshop was held at Bhumeshwor School in the Ramechap Municipality 1, State 3. More over 76 Children were successfully participated for the event.  Children demonstrated own observation, views and expression reflection in the drawing arts. The wonderful arts were decorated in with water color and some are in free hand. The arts were displayed in section wise at the end of the event dated on May 11, 2019 with colored and flower festoon to the national and American art teachers.  The ending celebration of the 6 day extensive work students and school administration with the art experts were memorable that showed us, the importance of heterogenic culture, modality of education. Policy should recognize and respect and to understanding and the necessity of Children for education to be future leader. 

Speakers expressed in focal to school children, education, parents, role and responsibilities, teachers, youth and development. Local governor member indicate new education policy and regulation is forming in federal structure, will ensure practical education, leadership and emphasis for environmental protection. Student expressed own idea in the arts without embossing idea, only support for color for the children innovation (art experts). Parents have to the spirit of constitution (Lawyer) on the right of child women, land and resources. As a backbone of Nation, Youth participation is being crucial, education, development and leadership is necessary Filmshalatv Nepal and GothGaun Sarokar Samaj with you (Kiran). The art event scheduled for only 40 selective students although more than 76 participated reflect the interests, important and values of practical education, thankful Gouth Gaun Sarokar Samaj and Filmshalatv Nepal (Head of the School).

Due to environmental crises, water sources are alarmingly disappearing will have drinking water scarcity for the children in future.   Because of deforestation, 100000 species are in danger to be extinct (UN 2019), no one can say what will happen to children future. As pollinators local bees are vanishing will be no fruiting in many crops and fruits cause food insecurity to Children, woman and elders. Heart and paralysis patients are increasing because of agro chemical pollution. It is urgent to initiate together to take care of Nature and culture for environmental protection for children and future, Filmshalatv Nepal and GothGaun Sarokar Munch keen to better environment, Nature and Culture with you and myself (Environmentalist). Thankful the school administration for the wonderful management, art experts, students, parents, member of local governors, lawyers, representative of Filmshalatv Nepal, Gothgaun Sarokar Samaj will continue with innovative idea and will be exploring the appropriate alternative for environmental protection and better human kinds (Gothgaun Sarokar Samaj exicuitive).   

With the leadership of GothGaun Sarokar Samaj executive board and FilmShalaTV Nepal arranged a observation expedition to identify the impacts of Climate change, disasters, and other environmental drivers to disappear the water sources in the surrounding of the villages, to understand the values of traditional water resources management, alternate approach and thought. Two interesting and possible to revive the traditional water ponds visited at the morning on may 12, 2019 and has been decided to restore as much as possible not for only human being it is equally important for wildlife and micro-climatic balancing. It also observed other wetland proudly large with wide range area with three traditional water taps, lots of plant species and beautiful landscape and values for tangible and intangible cosmology vision for a dynamic conservation and cultivation.

All the existed water sources along other wetland and water bodies need to look after and more need to urgent action for protection and wise us as Ramsar and CBD guidelines, Nepal constitution and customary system. It is equally important to have a well structured strategic plan of action, policies footprints, multi-stakeholders assessment, inventories identification, risks analysis, mappings, institutional arrangement, biodiversity, wildlife, habitats, species data information, sacred or secret sites, knowledge, wisdoms and long and short term management plan. It can be science-policy and political dialogues, media and documentary for current, past and future and good governance in according international instruments for conservation and for human kinds.

The outcomes of the road map some key element for 2020 post biodiversity frame work and 2050 visioning most of them need to reflect our national, provincial and municipality plan of action 

Kirant Kamal Samarung IPs biodiversity professional, Nature and Culture, environmentalist

Indigenous Knowledge and Peoples Network

SWBC Nepal

Nepal IPs National Plan of Action on Traditional Knowledge

Federation of Kirant indigenous Association Nepal

E-mail: ipskirantsampang@gmail.com

Asian Bridging Network

Nature and Spiritual Culture Initiative Asia 

E-mail: nscia.org@gmail.com

c/o GothGaun Sarokar Samajh and FilmShalaTV Nepal

Photo:Kamal Rai



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