Exploring New Ideas of Tourism and Development for “Happy Nepali and Delighted Nepal”

Exploring New Ideas of Tourism and Development for “Happy Nepali and Delighted Nepal”


Exploring New Ideas of Tourism and Development for “Happy Nepali and Delighted Nepal

Nepal Explores and Filmshalatv Nepal has dedicated professional team. they  always trust on nature based new innovative ideas and investigate for environment conservation and sustainable development. Their mission is to explore new concepts and principles for local development. Side by side they advocate the agenda to policy makers and leaders to mainstream and strengthen the idea of conservation and sustainable development. They are always happy to provide technical knowledge and volunteerism for local environmental conservation and development. Nepal Explores and Filmshalatv Nepal seek a innovative way forward of the Nepal governmental ideology “Happy Nepali and Delighted Nepal” to promote and implement in provincial and local level. The organizational team have coordinated at the administratives in Rural Municipalities, State and National level as professional and political level. 

In this junction, the coordination of these organization with administration of the Sunapati Rural Municipality Ramechap state 3 and Sunkoshi Lahare Mane Sunapati Tourism Conservation Area had been great achievement for succeed of the first paragliding flight in Ramechhap at Gheekhor Burkot dada on date, 28 May 2019. Paragliding Pilots, Judha Gurung and Binod Khadka had successfully lifted Ms Gita Bista- Vice-chair person of the Sunapati Rural Municipality and Comrade Mr. Dev Shankhar Poudel- state 3 leader in air. The brave gliders had also explored the new possible area at the Sunapati Rural Municipality in coordination of Nepal Explores and Filmshalatv Nepal.

More over 400 locals along with community members, children, woman, students, media person, leaders, and elders were present at the paragliding flight event. Most of them were very happy to observe first flight on their own locality. 


Chair person of Sunapati Rural Municipality declared the area as suitable for paragliding and further it could be a great hub for tourism in Sunapati state 3. Such exploration and adventure activities would institutionalize the theme of Happy Nepali and Delighted Nepal. He expressed his strong support and determination for new initiation such as paragliding, organic farming, qiwi farming, tea, vermi-composting and other possibilities in Sunapati Rural Municipality. He would also like to address water shortage and atmospheric changes impacts in that area.

The pilots mentioned the Sunapati Rural Municipality is suitable and would be appropriate for tourism promotion in future.

Great Leader Comrade Mr. Dev Shankhar Paudel said, “It was so wonderful to be in the sky and observe the natural landscape, terraces, forest, farms, farmers and Sunkohsi basin. It is the first time being in the sky. I observed the beautiful nature, farmers in the field. I called the famer that I am here in the sky but he could not watch me above. My journey of life is only political. Now, I believe politicians need to understand nature and cultural importance".  

Beside the exploration, there was something more. the village nearby itself carries social and cultural values. there was very ancient log at a corner of the lake in the village. Local said, the log had cultural and spiritual value. The surroundings were very sound, natural and peaceful. It was good place for bird watching too. there were local ethnic community with tradition customs and culture as well.

The Rural Municipality has ample opportunities for bird watching, nature hiking trail, water sources inventories, exploration of traditional knowledge and data based for conservation. The administration of the Sunapati Rural Municipality must recognize and respect the UNCBD Article 8(j), 10c and guidelines for Tourism Development. 

Nepal Explores and Filmshalatv Nepal is very happy to get oppurtunity to provide technical support to the administration of the Sunapati Rural  Municipality.


- Kirant Kamal Samarung

E-mail: ipskirantsampang@gmail.com / nscia.org@gmail.com

Photo:Shree Hari Shrestha, Kamal Rai, Ganesh Magar {Nepalexplores}



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    Jun 04, 2019 at 10:38 AM

    Leadership of the Chair of Filmshalatv Nepal and Explores Nepal, Comrade Mr. Shree Hari Shrestha. Great Leader Comrade Dev Shankhar Paudel successfully in the event in Sunapati Rural municipality. We are in new mode to explore in coming weekend Thanks with regards Kamal

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